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Performance Dinner


Feast at
Stone Ridge

Convergence, is site specific collaborative concept developed by Marina Sartori of which the Feast at Stone Ridge was the third happening in a series.

Conceived and curated by Marina, this participatory performance dinner was created in collaboration Lisette Wong and Reinhold Spiegler, as well as Pia Cisternino and Jenny Peace.

Taking its inspiration in a sense of place, and the agricultural cycle of the four seasons, the event integrated food, hand-crafted ceramics, art, video and sound design, and the “complicity” of the participants.


The cavernous, reverberant space of a rural barn is the setting for a participatory performance dinner. The agrarian space, the life cycle of seeding, growing and cultivating – also as a metaphor for artistic creation – and the changing of the seasons influence the dinner performance, the menu, and the spatial installation.

The guests participate in a “dinner dance”, moving from table to table between courses, and taking part in readings.  It is Spring when the natural world is starting to grow and new beginnings are possible.

BeCnv08 copyfinal.JPG
BeCnv07 copy.jpg

artistic contributors: Lisette Wong, Reinhold Spiegler, Jenny Peace, Pia Cisternino, Andy Freeberg, Michael Rubottom, Muireann O’Callaghan, Steve Weir, Sylvia Weir, John Geralis, Lisa Rowe-Beddoe

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